Selsey is a Top U.K. Dive Destination

A group of 7, snorkelling and exploring the inner mulberry harbour
Mulberry Divers, Snorkelling the Inner Mulberry, Pagham Harbour
East Beach Launch
East Beach Launch
A Catshark in the Mixon hiding among the stones
Catshark in the Mixon
A Glimpse off what lies off the coast at Selsey
Diving Selsey's Waters
Lumpsucker at the Mixon
Lumpsucker at the Mixon, courtesy of BE Jarvis

If you are a diver or snorkeler then Selsey must be on your list for places to visit in the U.K.

The location on the South coast makes Selsey a great access point for a wide range of sites suitable for all levels of experience.

What's in Selsey to Dive?

Selsey has a long history with the sea and the English Channel has been a busy shipping lane for centuries. Many vessels have been lost to the sea and now await discovery. The Far Mulberry, Phoenix Caison, lies a 15-minute RHiB ride from shore and is a scheduled wreck that offers something for the marine Life enthusiast, historians and photographers to mention just one of the local attractions.

The gently sloping bottom provides divers with a fantastic area for shore dives, snorkeling and freediving. A wealth of marine life can be found meters from the beach.

Depths range between 8 and 40 metres with wrecks, reefs, and drifts awaiting you.

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What Facilities does Selsey have for Divers?

A large public car park at East Beach allows for parking all day for a small fee and provides access to the slipway.

The slipway at East Beach allows for launch and recovery of smaller diving vessels and Mulberry Marine Experiences run a local charter boat that visits a range of the local sites by offering a shuttle service. 

There are public toilets located behind East Beach Kiosk and by the Lifeboat station. Both have disabled facilities, although no baby changing area and they are closed at night.

Planning to Dive at Selsey

Strong currents mean that it is best to dive at slack water.

Remember that slack water is not a fixed time and that the weather and time in the tidal cycle (Springs/Neaps) in particular, will influence actual timing.

Use objects such as the orientation of the fishing boats and movement of water past the groynes to help you decide when conditions are suitable for you.

If you do find yourself being carried by the current then swim at right angles into the beach and exit at the first convenient place.

East Beach is a working beach for the Selsey Fisheries so please keep safe.

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Selsey is open for diving come day and night!

Be Aware

East Beach is a working beach for the Selsey Fisheries, so please be aware when diving at East Beach for the following hazards:

Wires/ropes on Beach from winching operations; wires will be slippery from grease/oil and may be moving

Boat Traffic - Fishing Fleet. Selsey Angling club and both lifeboats. Surface Marker Buoys to be used at all times.

Please do not dive in the area immediately in front of the RNLI Lifeboat Station. The Inshore Lifeboat and new Shannon allweather Lifeboat launch down the beach in front of the Lifeboat Station.

Please do not leave equipment on the beach in front of the Lifeboat Station.

After Your Dive

Don't forget to check out the local restaurants and food providers, hungry water lovers can enjoy everything from take away fish and chips, freshly caught and prepared seafood to great sit in dining. 

There is so much to do as a diver why not plan to come for a short break, everything you need is here.

Eat & Drink in Selsey