A dark blue with light blue bottom boat called Dream Catcher on the shingle at east beach with a lobster pot to its left.  The clouds are creating cotton wool white shapes within the blue sky as the sun captures the sea water
Dream Catcher on East Beach, courtesy of CoastalJJ
A couple walk along the sand at  Bill Point beach during low tide as the sun sets.  The Isle of Wight can be seen in the background and sea birds flying overhead
Low Tide at Sunset on Selsey's Sandy Beach, courtesy of CoastalJJ
The tide out at Oval Field Beach revealing a sandy stretch
Sands at Oval Beach, courtesy of CoastalJJ
RSPB Medmerry photograph shot in the Summer capturing the wild flowers and the encroaching sea in the background
RSPB Medmerry in Summer, courtesy of CoastalJJ
The clouds above being reflected in the water below
Sky reflected in the waters at Pagham Harbour, courtesy of CoastalJJ
RSPB Medmerry Beach at Low tide
RSPB Medmerry Beach at low tide, courtesy of CoastalJJ

July 20


Join our expert guides for an enchanting wildlife walk around the west side of Medmerry Reserve, a sanctuary for birds and wildlife! Explore diverse habitats including fields, hedges, bushes, mudflats, inlets, pools, and the beach, all under vast, open skies. We'll help you spot and identify birds of the farmland, hedgerows, marshes, and pools, along with other fascinating wildlife and flora.

Make the most of a sunny July day by catching the action-packed match between Selsey CC - 1st XI and Brighton & Hove CC - 4th XI in the Sussex Cricket League - Division 7 West 2024!

July 28


Please join us for our annual Service of Thanksgiving in the boathouse, led by the Reverend Andrew Wilkes. This special event honours the bravery, dedication, and community spirit that have defined the RNLI for two centuries.

July 29


Celebrate Selsey Lifeboat Station's 200th RNLI anniversary with a special Pub Quiz at The Seal! Test your knowledge, enjoy great company, and help raise funds for the RNLI Selsey as part of Selsey Lifeboat Week.

July 30


Join us for an exciting Treasure Hunt as part of Selsey Lifeboat Week! Gather your friends, family and four legged friends to hunt for clues, solve puzzles, and discover hidden treasures in Selsey. Find unusual objects, house names and an occasional Selsey rock around this 2 mile walk!

Calling all families this summer holiday! Bumbling bees buzzing from flower to flower are a summer delight. Discover their importance, intriguing lives, and how to recognise common species. We'll also make 'bee homes' and create your own fuzzy, buzzy bees!

August 01


Families, join us in the Discovery Zone for a thrilling adventure searching for mini-beasts and pond dipping! This week, we're spotlighting nature's incredible long-jumpers: grasshoppers. These amazing insects can out-jump Olympians, and there's so much more to discover about them. Come learn fascinating facts and craft your very own happy hopper.

And they’re off! Get ready to feel the thrill of the tracks right here in Selsey! As part of Selsey Lifeboat Week's festivities, we're bringing you an exhilarating Race Night like no other. Gather your friends, family, and fellow adrenaline-seekers for an evening packed with excitement and entertainment, all for a great cause supporting RNLI Selsey.

August 03


Ever wondered what it’s like inside a lifeboat station? Now’s your chance to find out! Take a guided tour of our lifeboats and boathouse, learn about their history, and hear incredible stories from our crew. See firsthand the state-of-the-art technology that helps keep our waters safe and meet some of our brave volunteer crew.

Emergency Services at the Lifeboat Station: Kick off your day with an awe-inspiring opportunity to get up close and personal with our emergency services. Operational commitments permitting, these wonderful people will be on site until 3.30pm. 

Don't let August slip away without catching the thrilling cricket showdown between Selsey CC - 1st XI and Crawley Eagles CC - 3rd XI in the Sussex Cricket League - Division 7 West 2024!

August 04


The Shantymen are regular supporters of the RNLI and are great favourites at Selsey. Come and enjoy traditional sea shanties and perhaps join in. The Molls who are the female shanty singing group will also appear and bring their humour to shanty singing

The highlight of Lifeboat Launch day is the awe-inspiring Lifeboat Display on the water. Watch in amazement as our lifeboat crew perform daring manoeuvres and rescue demonstrations, showcasing their exceptional skills. This breathtaking display is a tribute to their dedication and the vital role they play in keeping our waters safe.

Attention all scooter enthusiasts! Mark your calendars for a thrilling morning at the Hillfield Car Park . The Selsey Scooter Club meet is back in action!

August 06


Join us in the Discovery Zone for pond dipping and mini-beast hunting, where we’ll explore the fascinating lives of butterflies and moths. Learn how they taste with their feet and why their wings, though transparent, appear colorful. Afterwards, create your own colorful butterflies and moths!

August 08


Mud attracts many wading birds and wildlife due to the unique creatures living in it. Discover these fascinating creatures and create fun mud-loving monsters at our event!

August 10


Calling all craft enthusiasts and lovers of handmade treasures! Come and experience the charm of the Seal Island Wool Craft Markets, where creativity and craftsmanship come together in a beautiful display of local talent.

August 11


Join us for a day of fun and camaraderie at the Selsey Cricket & Social Clubs Famous Beer Rounders and Family Day on Sunday, August 11th, 2024, at the Recreation Ground! Whether you're a local resident or just visiting Selsey, everyone is welcome to join us for a fantastic day out.

August 13


Using your super senses, we'll explore our reserve to uncover incredible wildlife and their superpowers, such as leaping over skyscrapers, manufacturing strong materials, and becoming invisible. Then, you'll create your own superhero wildlife!

August 15


While pond dipping and hunting for mini-beasts in our Discovery Zone, we'll explore the extraordinary lives of frogs, newts, snakes, and lizards. Often featured in myths and folklore, these creatures have amazing adaptations for various environments. Encounter these remarkable animals in our 'Zone' and then create your own mythical or real beasts!

August 20


Explore our Discovery Zone with pond dipping and mini-beast hunting, focusing on the incredible dragonflies and damselflies. Discover their jet-propelled bottoms, Alien-inspired jaws, and individually adjustable wings. Afterwards, enjoy crafting your own dragons!

August 22


Discover birds with extraordinary talents on our reserve! Watch swifts sleeping mid-flight, marvel at kestrels hovering with unwavering precision, and hear starlings mimic birds, machinery, and more. Join us to observe these feats, delve into their adaptations, and unleash your creativity through raptor-themed artwork.

August 27


Explore spiders' secretive lives during mini-beast hunting and pond dipping in our Discovery Zone. Real spiders possess incredible superpowers crucial for our survival, controlling pests and maintaining balance in nature. Uncover these amazing creatures and their powers, then get creative crafting your own creepy crawlies.

August 29


Explore the captivating creatures of our ponds and Discovery Zone! Dive into the underwater world and discover hidden critters. Join us in creating a bug palace and craft your own bug hotel to take home. Unleash your creativity with weird and wonderful mini beasts!

September 01


Attention all scooter enthusiasts! Mark your calendars for a thrilling morning at the Hillfield Car Park. The Selsey Scooter Club meet is back in action!

September 07


As the cricket season winds down in September, don't miss the chance to witness the exhilarating clash between Selsey CC - 1st XI and Billingshurst CC - 2nd XI in the Sussex Cricket League - Division 7 West 2024!

Come along and try our wide range of binoculars and telescopes and have a chat with our friendly optics experts. Whether you're a complete beginner, an experienced birder or buying as a present, we'll be happy to help. Free event, no need to book.

September 14


Calling all craft enthusiasts and lovers of handmade treasures! Come and experience the charm of the Seal Island Wool Craft Markets, where creativity and craftsmanship come together in a beautiful display of local talent.

September 17


Join Miss Georgina Fraser, a top Urogynaecologist at St Richard's Hospital, for an empowering talk to gain valuable insights into women's health and urogynaecology. Hosted by the Selsey Patient Group, Nuffield Health and Selsey Medical Practice at the Selsey Centre. Free of Charge Event!

Bat-detectors in hands, we’ll discover which bats call Pagham Harbour their home and even decipher a little of what they are saying as we listen in on their batty conversation! Learn more about these intriguing nocturnal mammals with an evening stroll around Church Norton with Hampshire Bat Group’s, Nik Knight.

Welcome to the UK's best kept secret!! 

Selsey is a unique seaside town, rich in history and wildlife, at the most southernly tip of West Sussex, 8 miles out into the Solent. With more sunlight hours than anywhere in the UK it is a true destination. Steeped in the tradition of fishing and internationally famous for its seafood, Selsey is one of the last remaining towns on the South Coast where fishermen can be witnessed bringing in the fresh catch. 

Walking in Selsey

Selsey has a variety of downloadable walking trails via our web app . Trails designed to introduce and explore its rich heritage, wildlife and beautiful natural environment.

Follow the family friendly Bucket and Spade Parade to explore some of Selsey's outdoor spaces, playgrounds and beaches.

Uncover Selsey's rich heritage by walking the History of Service trail and discover the part that Selsey, it's residents and visitors have played during times of conflict.

Seek out the wildlife that makes it's home here through the Sea Life Treasure Hunt and East Beach Pond Wildlife Hunt. 

Walk this way...

Selsey's Beaches

Selsey is surrounded by beaches on all but the northern side, with its bathing water rated as excellent. Selsey caters for many water activities, experiences and interests.

Selsey Lifeboat Station

Discover Selsey’s working Lifeboat Station complete with crew on duty 24/7. The visitors centre and Lifeboat shop is open from 10.30am until 3.30pm from Tuesday through to Saturday.

Selsey Seafood

Selsey is famous for it's sea food and you can buy it right here, fresh from the waves. Track down the freshest ingredients and then try some tasty recipes.

Selsey in the News

Read news articles about Selsey.

Selsey Seal Trail

A public arts grant has allowed the creation of a Seal Art Trail, promting the exploration of Selsey, its rich culture, heritage and natural habitats. Designed to include a seat, bike racks, a working telescope and bug hotel.

Tide Times & Weather Forecast

Selsey is shaped by the sea and its tidal movement. Low tide reveals its sandy beach and uncovers pathways around the coastline.  Plan your day and harmonize with the sea. 

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