Twittens of Selsey

Every area has it's alleyways and footpaths, prehaps only known to the locals. Within Sussex, these alleyways are known as "Twittens", an area that runs ’betwixt’ and ‘between’.

Here is a list of some of these - if we have left any out please contact us to let us know!

Please note that all map placements are approximate.

  1. The southern end of Solent Way onto the beach
  2. Between Ursula Square and the beach
  3. Seal Square onto the beach
  4. The eastward end of Oval Lane, between Oval Field and the beach
  5. Between Jones Square and Beacon Drive
  6. West Ursula Avenue and Green Lane
  7. Between Lawrence Close and James Street
  8. From Grafton Road to James Street
  9. James Street to Albion Road
  10. Cut away from the James Street to Albion Road alley into Sunnymead Drive
  11. Between Burlington Gardens and Kingsway
  12. From Kingsway onto the sea defence
  13. Between Langton Close and The Bridleway
  14. Linking Croft Road and St. Itha Close
  15. Elm Grove though to the High Street via the Co-Op
  16. Between the High Street and Paddock Lane - known as The Croat
  17. Linking Merryfield Drive, passing Pinks Row, onto East Street
  18. Between Fraser Close and Beverly Close
  19. Merryfield Drive to Marine Drive and on along Fisherman's Walk and onto Kingsway
  20. Linking Manor Road and Gainsborough Drive
  21. Between The Horseshoe and Horsefield Road
  22. Paddock Lane onto Horsefield Road
  23. Linking Paddock Lane and Saddle Lane
  24. Between Denny's Close and Manor Road
  25. Beach Road onto Gainsborough Drive

26. Linking Harcourt Way and Marisfield Place

27. Between Broomfield Road and St. Georges Close

28. Fontwell Road onto Gill Way

29. Linking Manor Road and Manor Lane

30. Chichester Road, opposite the old Police Station, into Manor Green Park

31. Linking Manor Green Park with Millington Drive

32. Between Roundstone Way and Wheatfield Road

33. From Ellis Square onto Manor Lane

34. Linking Roundstone Way and Drift Road

35. From Chichester Road, near Golf Links Lane, onto Robinson Close

36. Linking Petts Close and Harding Close