image of a East Beach Pond with nature island in the middle
East Beach Pond
Image of a bench overlooking the waters at East Beach Pond
Enjoy the Oasis of Nature and Tranquility at East Beach Pond
Image of picnic bench at East Beach Pond
Picnic at East Beach Pond
Wooden sign to East Beach Pond Selsey a community nature area
Signage at East Beach Pond
Painted fiberglass seal with remembrance imagery. Designed by Nicolas Binns and Ruby Moffatt.
In Remembrance Seal designed by Nicholas Binns and Ruby Moffatt

East Beach Pond

What's Here

East Beach Pond is an oasis of nature and tranquility with mature trees offering shade on hot sunny days. The pond and surrounding land is rich in plant life with 30 species of trees and shrubs including Mulberries planted in commemoration of the D-Day Mulberry Harbours, 129 species of wildflowers and 27 species of grasses, sedges and rushes. This plant diversity benefits a wide range of bird and invertebrate species while creating a place in the town for relaxation and exploration.


Try and spot some of the wildlife that make their home in and around East Beach Pond with our East Beach Pond Wildlife Hunt

A Gold Award winner of South and South East in Bloom, East Beach Pond strikes a balance between being a conservation area managed for the benefit of the wildlife and an open space that is well used by residents and visitors alike. 

In this relaxed area there are plenty of benches for you to sit and watch the variety of wildlife, including birds nesting undisturbed on the island in the centre of the pond. Damselfly and dragonfly are regular visitors and if you sit quietly and still you may even be able to glimpse one of Britain’s most timid and endangered mammals, the Water Vole.

One special seat you can find in this area is that of the In Remembrance Seal, designed by Chichester College art students Nicholas Binns and Ruby Moffat. This seat is planted amoung the Mulberry bushes and commemorates Selsey's role in World Wars I & II. Funded by a public arts grant, these seals form an interactive walk created to promote the exploration of Selsey and it's rich culture, heritage and natural habitats. Follow the full trail via Selsey Seal Art Trail.

Selsey Model Boat club sail on the pond regularly and Manhood Classic Cars meet in the car park every third Sunday of the month, making this a hub of community activity waiting to be explored.

Please note that Fishing is not permitted at East Beach Pond.*

As a haven for wildlife and fowl including mute swans, mallards, herons and Canada geese, it is all too tempting to take the kids to feed the ducks. Please do not be tempted to bring along bread though as this can make the ducks ill - it does not have the right nutrition or calories that they need to survive and makes then think they are full so that they don't eat the food that they do need. Bread also pollutes the water, causing surface algae which can kill fish and spread diseases in the fowl population. The following are recommended alternatives that are better for them to eat than bread:

• Grapes that have been deseeded and cut in half

• Birdseed

• Chopped lettuce

• Cracked corn, oats and other grain

• Frozen peas or sweetcorn that have been defrosted

Try to vary what you feed them, so they get a good mixed diet. 

*Please note that a byelaw is in place in this area prohibiting fishing on the pond. There is a maximum fine of £1000.00.  For reference the Environmental Agency have stated that 'Rod license holders...cannot fish without permission.  The licence does not give the right to fish...the permission from any owner of fishing rights is also required before commencing to fish.' Chichester District Council are the owners do not pernit fishing at East Beach pond, so anyone so doing is in breach of their license conditions, and can face this fine or have thier licences revoked. 

Disabled Access

The pond is accessible via wheelchair and pushchair friendly pathways.

Public Transport

The Stagecoach no. 51 bus from Chichester stops at the junction of Beach Road and Constable Drive. A short walk down Beach Road brings you to East Beach Pond.


The pond sits next to a large, chargeable car park (£1.80 per day). This has a height barrier and no overnight parking. Set your Sat Nav to PO20 0SZ.


The perfect place for all of the family to learn about the flora and fauna of the area.


Take the chance to spot as many creatures as you can whilst walking around East Beach Pond.

Dog Friendly

Please keep your dogs on a lead whilst walking around the pond so as not to disturb the wildlife that lives there. It is an offence not to pick up after your dog. There are dog waste bins dotted around the area so please pick up after your furry friend.

Picnic Spot

Benches and a picnic table are placed around the pond so you can picnic in a beautiful shady area.


Public toilets can be found across the large car park, behind the kiosk. They do have disabled facilities although no baby change area and are closed at night.