Selsey's Community Warden

Selsey's Community Warden is to be the main ‘go to’ person, to assist with any issues or concerns residents may have about the town.

Selsey's Community Warden is:

Neil Hill

Telephone: 07768 206 974


If you are unable to get hold of Neil, please contact Selsey Town Council on 01243 605803 or

What is a Community Warden?
Encourages Community development and increases community involvement.
Deals with environmental issues (e.g. graffiti, litter, fly tipping, abandoned cars, dog fouling etc.) within the area by working with appropriate agencies.
Works in collaboration with the police, police community support officers (PCSOs) and local communities to reduce Crime by tackling anti-social behaviour and fear of crime in the area including providing intelligence and evidence to the police and acting as a professional witnesses

How does the Community Warden Achieve this?
Regular high visibility, reassuring patrolling on foot or by bike and car
Responding to calls from the public or other agencies
Working closely with police, PCSOs, local councillors, community groups, youth organisations, RSLs (registered social landlords) and residents
Working closely with agencies that can deal with issues in the community
Regular visits to socially isolated and vulnerable people.
 Working with the community and promoting community development initiatives
Working with local charities and supporting them in all the good work they do locally

If you see anything that you feel is not right and goes against the Community spirit of your town, then report it.

Neil will follow up every report that comes in to him and will do his best to resolve it, by using the help of partner agencies like the police, Fire and Rescue, RSL’s and Selsey Town Council.