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L.A.R. Watersports Shop

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Lee offers Sup (Stand Up Paddle Boards) in medium 9'8" & Larger 10'4" for the bigger person or less stable person.  Uses the Fanatic iSup Premiums which are just the best to learn on being robust, stable & soft to fall on as they are pumped up with air to a maximum of 20 psi.  Safety advice is always given along with a few tips on techniques before setting out.  Buoyancy aids of different sizes are included.

Tuition in SUP Boarding is offered one to one & two to one tuition no more than two person at a time,  this is for safety reasons. The tuition teaches the right way to carry your board leash & Paddle,  to & from the water's edge, how to mount & dismount from the board & of cause how to stand & paddle correctly, posture stance & paddle stroke, along with all the various ways to turn your board around.

Lee also offers Windsurfing tuition and  iSup tow surfing behind our Dory Boat with 50HP motor when conditions allow.

Booking lessons is not always straight forward as weather conditions, sea state & tide times are very important its the name of the game I'm afraid its what all water people just have to do before venturing out.

For more information have a chat with Lee. 


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