RSPB Pagham's Pond dipping and Easter eggscapade!

April 02, Tuesday

10:30 - 12:30

RSPB Pagham Harbour, Selsey Road, Selsey, PO20 7NE

What's Here

Pond dipping and Easter eggscapade! Easter and spring are often associated with eggs, but not all eggs are chocolate or laid by birds! Can you follow the trail, uncover the clues on our Easter Escapade and discover whose eggs are who’s?

Spring also brings our pond to life after its winter slumber.

Join us looking for newts, boatmen, water beetles and all manner of other aquatic creatures, before getting and creating colourful Easter baskets to take home.

Tuesday 02 April, 10.30 (duration 2 hours),

£5 per child / £4 members