Mulberry Marine Experiences - Marshalled Selsey Dive: 26 May 2024

May 26, Sunday

10:00 - 12:30

Location Confirmed on Booking

What's Here

At Mulberry Marine Experiences we know that not everyone has a buddy or opportunity to go diving as often they would like and when new to a site you may not be sure of currents, conditions and best times to go diving. Our Marshalled shore dives are designed to help solve these concerns for our certified divers.

Selsey is fortunate to have an accessible shore dive along East Beach, that allows you to explore the Marine Conservation Zone laying just off the beach. We have regular and seasonal visitors that include cat sharks, rays, pipefish, seahorses, nudibranchs, crabs, wrasse, anemones and much more. With a maximum depth of 6 metres there is plenty of time for exploring, creature spotting and for taking pictures.

Every Marshalled Dive is supported by Mulberry Staff who are first aid trained and ready to assist. They will meet you and make introductions to buddy pairs if you have not met before, provide you with a full briefing for the site and then stay as surface cover for your dive. We include 12L cylinders with air and 10 kg block weight on a belt as part of the booking, if you do not require just drop us an email.

Your surface cover will meet you on Lifeboat Station Green 30 minutes before estimated dive time, so we recommend that you have set up your equipment ready for the briefing. You must have a DSMB and reel each and a timing device. Selsey is a working beach and DSMBs are essential.

I do not have a buddy can I book on a Marshalled Dive? Yes, we will match you up and make introductions before the briefing.

I have never dived in the UK are these suitable for me? They make a great first sea dive experience in the UK.

Can I hire other equipment? Yes, we do offer equipment rental, why not check out the pricing plans to include equipment with you dive and save a little money. We do not hire mask, snorkels, gloves, hoods, DSMBS and Reels (included with some wet suits). All equipment must be hired in advance please contact us with your requirements.

Can I arrange a Marshall for my club or just for my buddy and I? Yes, we are happy to look at providing a marshalling service for you. You need to contact us by email to check availability and price.

I would prefer to dive with a Professional do you offer Guided Dives? Yes, we can offer a guided dive. Please contact us for more information and availability.

The cost is £35 per person.